Drum Beats+ (Rhythm Metronome, Loops & Grooves Machine) App Reviews

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top app

very nice selection of loops. can you update the app with a manual entry of the tempo, more precise, ie. 122 bpm or 122.4 bpm ?

perfect app

easy to use, on my bluetooth amp close to my electric ukulele amp, perfect to play at home. I love this app, its worth the price. Id like to change the beats from 1 to 1, not 5 to 5, on the next update !!!

Great, but need improvements!

A great app, but i suggest a counter before start, like 1..2..3..go! To play solo would be very helpful start at same time the beats and the guitar on my hands. Second, develop any thing to stop on remote command, maybe something on the ground to tread. Tks!

Must have musician tool

Excellent for practicing and recording ideas with my guitar

Great app

Just what I needed to practice my beloved bass guitar :):):):):):):)<3

Good collection of quality drum loops

And they are very functional, and you can audio copy paste them.

good Tool for songwriting

Now it Works with audiobus.


Best drum App arround

Super easy drum accompaniment!

Very easy to use, a good variety of grooves available. Only wish I would have: allow to dial the bpms a bit finer (but leave the 5 bpm grid as the first step as it is)! For any more sofisticated purposes there are much more complex drum machines or sequences out there, but just to choose a groove and youre good to go (if the drummer is sick, for instance) this is your app!!

Very Good Tool

Its a very good tool to get quick results. Im using it for playing during search new ideas on my synthesisers. Good sound, good handling. Many thanks! :-)


Hat alles, was man braucht als optimales Saiteninstrument-Übungsmetronom!!

Very good

My Sax Trachee Users Drum Beats and for me for all my exercises! Please Continue with nee Beats als the Write?!?!?!!

the pattern with rests are great for sit in da groove, but its hard

So great...

for practicing and quick rhythm trial - best in class! Cheers Daria


Great app, i have a lot of fun with it. Great for personal time and accuracy training

Great beats to play with!!!

Not bad at all for only a buck!!

Not to bad

This app is the best quality I have heard so far. I love this app hope to see more metal/hard rock beats in the future. Easy as pie to use cant complain, sounds really good on my amp, its like playing with real drummer keep up the good work.

Nice jam

Amp up the guitar or bass and start jamming. Real good for improvising your solos. I like it! I have both the Blues and the Metal pack. Well done.

Great App!!

Was looking for easy to use drum beats. :)

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