Drum Beats+ (Rhythm Metronome, Loops & Grooves Machine) 应用的评论


Great App and Very Responsive Developer

This is one of my favorite apps that I use daily. There way a change in the app to offer some cool in app purchases and one of the free beats was accidentally switched to paid. I emailed the developer and they were quick to reply back telling me that it was a mistake. Great customer service!!! Highly recommend!!!

Overpricing just killed a decent app.

They just took a decent-sounding, simple to use drum backing app (that I already paid for) and made it unusable unless I now pay an additional $100.00 to unlock the new “VIP” features. That’s twice to cost of a full featured, top-of-the-line DAW app for a glorified metronome! How in the world are they justifying that price? Sorry guys, you just priced yourself out of business in my opinion. There are TONs of far superior drum apps out there for a fraction of the price. This WAS a cool app at less than $10.00, but there is no valid reason for it to be the most expensive music production app on the market. UPDATE - as the developer has kindly responded. I will push up to a 3 star. I might have been a little harsh. I still just do not like the idea of subscription models for apps or software. I understand the necessity in some cases, but I would be much happier to see in app content purchases. Especially in music apps. Then we could pay once for blocks of content. I purchase loops and patches and pro feature upgrades regularly in other apps. I probably don’t want to know how much I have spent on them, but I like that they are mine once purchased. I would likely pay for upgraded features and content in this app as well. But I only want to pay once to unlock each feature or set of loops. It’s fair for developers to be paid for their ongoing efforts, but IMO subscriptions are not the way to do it.

Dynamic teaching too

I've been teaching drums for over 40 years and have been playing for over 60 years. I have seen and used many creative ways of training drummers. Books, sheet music, hands on teaching and metronomes were all we had back in early years of my training. All of the modern technology, computers apps of this nature are wonderful tools, To help make the modern drummer the best that he can be. This app does what drum machines and metronomes always do, "Hold the drummer accountable for keeping the beat and staying in the pocket. One of the best drum machine apps out there.

69.99? Say what?

Serious? After I bought this app and kept it for 2yrs, u guys came with a major upgrade and u erase all my library and charge me 69.99 to unlock it? What to say about this company..?!

Simple and Serves Its Purpose Well

As a bass player, this is exactly what I’m looking for in terms of practice and writing new bass lines. The variety of beats that comes with the purchase is pretty satisfying as well. If you want even more variety, there’s an option to purchase at a reasonable price.


This app is very simple to use! I use it to accompany my ukulele. It allows you to keep rhythms you use as favorites. Doesn't over power you.

Sounds Programmed With No Groove

These are weak. The jazz is particularly bad, but nothing swings. You know how your favorite drummers have a million ghost notes and groove? There is zero of that here. 100% synth drums programmed without understanding of feel or dynamics or anything slightly musical. A waste. Should have gotten an expensive coffee with that $.

Battery killer

When my battery was unexpectedly low, checking the Battery usage report in the settings showed Beats+ utilizing 90% with "background activity".

Great for songwriting!

I’ve purchased all of the packs and love all of them. I love to challenge myself with new beats and it helps me to write songs in whole new ways. I recommend it to all my writing partners!


I'm an alligator I'm a momma-papa comin fer you

BPM not flexible enough

If this app allowed me to adjust the BPM by increments of one then I would have given it 5 stars. Only a handful of songs I play have the BPM in increments of 5, so I cannot use this app for the majority of songs and it does not make sense for me to switch to this app just for those songs. So this app unfortunately is useless to me. The concept is great and if there is a way to change the BPM by 1 then please let me know and I will change the rating.


Wonderful app!

K.I.S.S.- Keep it simple stupid

Has all the beats I need or want when I sit down to play for 10 minutes or 3 hours. Ive been using it for a few years now and never had a problem. Love it.

I give it to four because there’s always room for improvement

I’m a novice guitar player and I get Bluetooth this app to my Marshall code 50 amp. I get to play along with my guitar and match the sound quality and volume. I wish there were more options for the metal genre. If they could add thrash metal and Norwegian black metal, I would enjoy this app even more. I really like that I have an option for playing blues. The more options that I have in the genre that I prefer which is rock, classic rock and the battle will make this better for me. I hope in the future you can add these packs because it beats playing to a metronome…


Fun app

Great percussion app

I put it through distortion pedals. Fun times

Way more fun than a metronome

I hate the sound of a metronome. This app makes practicing feel more fun!

great drum app

meets my beat needs

No idea how I got by without this app

The best of the best Ive been working on my solo jazz and blues with a metronome for decades The first time I practiced with the jazz fusion and blues tracks on this app I was blown away I have finally arrived David


Exactly what I needed for practice.

Best drum loop there is

Best one on the App Store. They do really need to add more though. Tired of the same ones.

Nice Contents But Terrible Bettery Usage

This app run on background, always, everytime before manually killing it. So Device’s Bettery is drained too fast. Developer should fix this problem.

Battery Drain

The app is ok as a practice tool but I had to remove it because it was a 70% battery drain because of audio activity while not in use. Listening to me? Don't like it, don't trust it.

More time signatures

The app is great for something to play along with. I’d like to ask if you could add a 5/4 and 7/4 time signature. Not very common, but there are musicians out there that do like to play with these time signatures.

Great drum machine

This thing is excellent for practicing bass lines and brings out the creativity in the musician.


Wonderful app

Very cool😎

Every drum pattern has a snare in it, not one Latin or ethnic beat to be found. But there is a latin jazz app in the more/app. Just what i was looking for and it was FREE!!!! Gave me goosebumps lol.

Fun Practice Sessions !

This app makes practice time very enjoyable! With a wide selection of beats and grooves, which can be played at at slow to fast tempos, and quality sounds- feels like playing with a drummer.

Will not load....

I bought this app and it will not load at all. Sad!

Good stuff

Way more fun than a metronome. It makes the process of mastering difficult passages so much more engaging. Start slow, build speed and accuracy. In addition to any other uses, this is a must have practice tool.

Terrific practice/ rehearsal and writing tool

Everything that the five-star reviews say. Our band sometimes has to practice without the drummer, and I've always been able to find the right beat to go with a song just from the free ones, even if it sometimes took up precious group time auditioning through a few. Now I have most of my go-to beats written down in my sheet music or at least Favorited in the app. For writing, it is fun and easy to dial up a beat that is infinitely more inspiring than a metronome and won't bog down your workflow.


Awesome 👍



App is useless to me

Bought it because I need 7/8. It doesn't have it and it is impossible to figure it out before purchase.


Amazing app! Lotsa great features and tons of variations. Highly recommended!

Greatest Practice App in app store

Quality sounds, works great with bluetooth speakers. Love using with scale practice, chord progressions and as timing trainer. Also great for inspiration and getting the feel for rhythm. Don't normally suggest apps, but you got to get this one!!

Cheesy beats

How everyone rates it 5 stars is beyond me. This app reminds of me the tiny cheap keyboard my uncle would buy everyone for Christmas as a kid. The keyboard was cheaper to buy then this. I wish I could get my $10 back. What a waste.

Excellent, clear, easy to use

The title is my review. It's a great app.


Exactly what I was looking for. A nice selection of basic drum tracks to work with.


Awesome app for improving timing

Best Metronome Ever

This is a great app. I am a music teacher and this app has helped countless students (especially those who can't count) establish a good sense of pulse and rhythmic integrity. I have also used it to supply a missing drummer for my jazz band!

The best beat app for bass players!

This app has helped me as a bass player. Amazing detail with clean crisp sound! A must-have!

Simple, elegant

Out of all of the drum apps available to use as a rhythm accompaniment track, this is the most straightforward. You can choose the rate usually in accurately, and there are a relatively large number of options for rhythm patterns. Start and stop button is easy to use, and starts back on the downbeat. I am not a drummer, and I am not trying to learn drums – I just want an app that will give me the background drum/rhythm I need for simple recording, or even live purposes.

Great app

This app is straight forward. I does what it says it does. Not glitches for me

Love this app

So much more fun to use than a metronome. I'm a longtime player, this app makes practicing technical stuff fun. I'd love to see the ability for me to create my own beats, sounds, and patterns in a variety of duple, triple, and odd meters. Hope you continue to develop and expand on what you've got here.

Bug that damages battery life

When this application is open, the speakers are constantly humming. Even when it is open on the background. The hum is incredibly quiet, but you can hear it when you put the speaker of the phone to your ear. My battery life has been decreasing for the past couple months and I had no idea why. I'm incredibly disappointed by this!

Great tool for practicing blues!

I'm a guitar teacher, and I recommend this app as a supplement to your practice. I tell all my students to use it.

Love it!!!

Have it playing through my phone as I play the guitar

Finally got one!

I play bass guitar, and I essentially feel that you need drums to fully develop more as a player, I've been messing with this for a couple of days now, but I feel like I'm listening so much more differently and getting more in depth musically by understanding on how a drummer thinks and plays. I think it's great for any instrumentalist even drummers it's a good tool for inspiration.

Perfect practice companion

Easy to use and plenty of variety to inspire good practice routines. The different grooves cover popular styles and the ability to adjust tempo instantly is boss.

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